Nsound Data TypesΒΆ

When writing new features for Nsound, C++ typedefs are used to ensure the same bit width is used on all platforms. To see how these types are defined, look at the file src/Nsound/Nsound.h after running SCons.

If you are using the Python module, you won’t need to know anything about these data types.

Type Description
boolean The C++ bool type
int8 Integer (-128 to 127)
int16 Integer (-32768 to 32767)
int32 Integer (-2147483648 to 2147483647)
int64 Integer (9223372036854775808 to 9223372036854775807)
float32 Single precision float: sign bit, 8 bits exponent, 23 bits mantissa
float64 Double precision float: sign bit, 11 bits exponent, 52 bits mantissa
uint8 Unsigned integer (0 to 255)
uint16 Unsigned integer (0 to 65535)
uint32 Unsigned integer (0 to 4294967295)
uint64 Unsigned integer (0 to 18446744073709551615)

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