Nsound  0.9.4
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AudioStream.h File Reference
#include <Nsound/Nsound.h>
#include <Nsound/AudioStreamSelection.h>
#include <Nsound/Buffer.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
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class  Nsound::AudioStream




AudioStream Nsound::operator+ (const AudioStream &lhs, const AudioStream &rhs)
AudioStream Nsound::operator- (const AudioStream &lhs, const AudioStream &rhs)
AudioStream Nsound::operator* (const AudioStream &lhs, const AudioStream &rhs)
AudioStream Nsound::operator/ (const AudioStream &lhs, const AudioStream &rhs)
AudioStream Nsound::operator^ (const AudioStream &lhs, const AudioStream &rhs)
AudioStream Nsound::operator+ (const AudioStream &lhs, const Buffer &rhs)
AudioStream Nsound::operator- (const AudioStream &lhs, const Buffer &rhs)
AudioStream Nsound::operator* (const AudioStream &lhs, const Buffer &rhs)
AudioStream Nsound::operator/ (const AudioStream &lhs, const Buffer &rhs)
AudioStream Nsound::operator^ (const AudioStream &lhs, const Buffer &rhs)
AudioStream Nsound::operator+ (const AudioStream &lhs, float64 d)
AudioStream Nsound::operator- (const AudioStream &lhs, float64 d)
AudioStream Nsound::operator* (const AudioStream &lhs, float64 d)
AudioStream Nsound::operator/ (const AudioStream &lhs, float64 d)
AudioStream Nsound::operator^ (const AudioStream &lhs, float64 d)
AudioStream Nsound::operator+ (float64 d, const AudioStream &rhs)
AudioStream Nsound::operator- (float64 d, const AudioStream &rhs)
AudioStream Nsound::operator* (float64 d, const AudioStream &rhs)
AudioStream Nsound::operator/ (float64 d, const AudioStream &rhs)